Refuse / Recycling

The City of Forest Lake has a single hauler agreement with SRC. SRC is the City’s Refuse and recycling contractor for Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste. To sign up for service or to change your current subscription services contact SRC at 651-464-2321 or visit their online resource.

The current fees for weekly refuse, recycling and yard waste are as follows:

  • 40 gallon - $12.80 per household per month
  • 65 gallon - $15.50 per household per month
  • 96 gallon - $17.70 per household per month
  • 96 gallon subscription yard-waste cart (up to 3) - $50 per season*
* Season runs from the middle of April until Thanksgiving depending upon weather conditions. Additional yard waste provided in compostable bags will be accepted at no additional charge.

A 6% discount is available to all residents who prepay for 1 year in advance.

Large/Bulky Items

If you have bulky items such as old appliances, mattresses, furniture, etc. discounts for disposal of these items are available. Each resident will be given $60.00 in coupons per year for disposal of bulky items.


Forest Lake is a single sort recycling community meaning all allowable recyclable materials can be placed in a single container for pickup, there is no need to separate your recyclable materials. Included in the monthly service subscription is a single Recycling Cart. Up to 2 additional recycling carts will also be provided if requested by the customer. For information on what can be recycled, view the City's Resident Recycling Guide (PDF).

Recycling in the Parks

Recycling containers are provided in Lakeside Memorial Park and Kulenkamp park.  These containers provide residents the ability to recycle while away from home.

Fun Fact

Recycling the average Minnesotan’s junk mail for a year would conserve seven trees.

Additional Resources

Additional recycling resources from Washington County can be found here.

Recycling Guide

Curious about what can and cannot be recycled in Forest Lake?  Check out our interactive Recycling Guide for answers.